Esclarecimento Sr. Barcelona do livro de visitas 03-11-2008

Estes são os dados que retirei do pedigree publicado no De Duif N.º 43 de 2008.

Antoine Van Hove from Loppem. This hen comes from a ZOON BARCELONA (from the BARCELONA 093/89 Van Hove who raced 8 x Barcelona and won 8 x prize!) x DOCHTER TURBO 545/97, a direct Remi & Carlo Gyselbrecht from their Barcelona specialist the TURBO 810/91 (who won 96th International Barcelona 20.295 p, 270th International Barcelona 26.807 p en 76th International Barcelona 24.908 p, and is a half-brother of the 1st International Barcelona by Gyselbrecht) x DOCHTER 'LAUREAAT BARCELONA' 550/96 (therefore a direct daughter of the 1st International Barcelona). Once again living proof that 'good blood' never lies!


Pedro Lopes